My name is Bhuvanesh. Given just how ugly that name is I go by Bhuvan, it’s still bad, but not as bad as Bhuvanesh🤮

I currently work at Zerodha as an employee without a job title. I’m part of a small team that works closely with the boss Nithin and some amazing colleagues on all the cool things at Zerodha and Rainmatter. Can’t even being to describe how lucky I am 😁

Markets are my calling in life. Personal finance, pensions, and retirement are the areas that I am most interested in. I know, sad😢 Like many, the problem that most interests me is how to get more people to save and invest for a comfortable retirement. More importantly, I’m fascinated with how to prevent investors from doing dumb shit.

I love writing.

I hate to write, but I love having written


But I hate writing. This blog is a public notebook of sorts to force myself to learn more and write more. I’ve realized the best way to learn more is to read interesting things and to write about them publicly. Committing to writing publicly is a nice little hack to discover more things.

The hopeful idea with this blog or whatever is to share interesting things regularly—fingers crossed 🤞

When not working, which is most of the time, I can be found quietly lurking around on Twitter.

The end!