Hello, world!

Yay! I am now another pretentious idiot on the internet with a blog. The reason why I started this blog is I love writing and learning about things, but I am too lazy.

Sometime back, I came across this whole notion of “learning in public” and it seemed like a perfect antidote to my laziness. Like most things on the internet, this has probably become another one of the douchey, pretentious bullshit trends.

But strip away the nonsense, and the logic remains true. The commitment of learning and writing in public is a brilliant hack. One of the best ways to learn is to write about the things you learn, hence this blog. I’ve also been in awe of people like Jason Kottke and Tyler Cowen, among others, who consume copious amounts of information and distil them on their blogs almost every day. That’s just insane. This blog is also a lame attempt to imitate them.

I’ve mostly been interested in finance and new media broadly, but I wanna expand my interests. So, this blog is also a hack for me to go down more rabbit holes and write about them here.

If I’ve wasted your time, you’re welcome.

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